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Our Mission Statement

To help you live comfortably and confidently in your retirement years.

I. Retirement planning approach

  1. We believe trust and understanding are the cornerstones of a successful long-term adviser/client relationship
  2. We believe in tailoring your retirement strategy to fit your unique needs, goals and financial situation.
  3. We believe – regardless of what’s happening in the market – you don’t have to take excessive risks to work toward reaching your long-term goals.

II. Investment selection

  1. We believe the manager of your retirement investments should have a proven approach to help shareholders build their assets and make them last after they retire and start taking withdrawals.
  2. We believe the manager of your retirement assets should have a proven track record of generating consistent long-term results through both good and bad markets.
  3. We believe capital preservation is an important consideration when selecting investments.

III. Commitment to ongoing service

  1. We can conduct regular meetings to personally discuss your investments.
  2. We can review and recommend adjustments to your investments in response to changes in your needs, goals or overall strategy.
  3. We can set up meetings with you and your beneficiaries to discuss the options and benefits of the various beneficiary designations.